• Both Gach Interview

    Posted On February 13, 2018

    Both Gach is a former AZ Compass student from the class of 2018. His advice to students looking to move on to the NCAA and how AZ Compass Prep helped him accomplish as a student and as an athlete.

  • Junior High Flag Football All Star Showcase

    Posted On February 13, 2018

      Please show your support by congratulating  Dinoisio Ramirez for playing in the Division I Flag Football All Star Showcase on Saturday, Oct. 27th, 2018 on behalf of AZ Compass Prep. Dinoisio helped his All Star team by getting a victory for his team, with the score of 41-21. Dinoisio will be a great addition to…

  • Seekerz Student Leaders

    Posted On February 23, 2018

    Our Athletic Academic Dean Angela Weathers provides wonderful opportunities for our students to learn and grow in a program called Train Up a Champion, a servant leadership program especially for 11th/12th grade. This program is designed to provide opportunities for both non and student athletes to gain exceptional community involvement and leadership skills. The class…

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