Vector Prep & Arts hosted its much-anticipated annual literacy night event on Thursday, March 7th, inviting families from kindergarten through eighth grade to immerse themselves in a celebration of reading. In conjunction with the National Education Association and Read Across America, the school kicked off the festivities in style, commemorating Dr. Seuss’s birthday and the launch of Read Across America month in March.

As families arrived, they were greeted with the aroma of freshly baked pizza, setting the stage for an evening filled with engaging activities. Each student received a literacy passport, a ticket to explore a variety of reading-related activities throughout the night.

The activities were thoughtfully curated to cater to a range of age groups, ensuring that everyone could participate and enjoy the fun. From creating marshmallow characters inspired by “Most Marshmallows” to crafting puppet versions of characters from “I Wish That I Had Duck Feet,” there was something for everyone. Students delved into the world of “Creepy Carrots,” followed by a hands-on session of crafting their own eerie vegetables. They also embarked on an adventure with “The Lorax,” culminating in the creation of their very own Truffula trees. There was also a heartfelt reading of “Love You Forever,” that inspired students to write their own books dedicated to someone they cherish. Each activity rotation lasted 20 minutes, ensuring that students could fully immerse themselves in the experience before moving on to the next adventure.

Throughout the night, not only were students engaged and excited, but parents and siblings also got to join in on the literary festivities. It was a true family affair, with laughter and learning echoing through the halls of Vector Prep & Arts. As the night drew to a close, passports were collected, each stamped as a testament to the three activities completed. The following day, students who had filled their passports had the joy of selecting a book to take home, a token of their participation and enthusiasm.

Year after year, the annual literacy night at Vector Prep & Arts continues to be a highlight for families, students, and teachers alike. It’s a celebration of the joy of reading, fostering a love of literature that lasts a lifetime. Until next year’s event, the memories created and the books shared will continue to inspire and ignite a passion for learning.

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