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The Ronda S. Owens Academic Honors Program is designed to challenge Skyline Education students to go above and beyond in their education with exposure to advanced academics including, but not limited to, increased rigor, independent study, and project-based learning.

Academic Honors Program students are highly encouraged to undertake, individually and collectively, responsibility for their own academic and personal growth while fostering growth in other students through leadership by example, active contribution to a positive classroom environment, consistent completion of assignments with effort and integrity, and respect for and adherence to school and classroom policies and procedures. 

Our goal is to continue to increase teacher, student, and parent commitment to the program and grow the rigor making it a juggernaut academic program in Arizona charter schools.

We hold the annual breakfast in the spring to acknowledge the efforts and accomplishments of our Honors Program students – each year the program and breakfast have grown and now we seek to continue to grow the project showcase as well.

The latest component of the program, driven by Ms. Owens and which we hope to continue each year, is the student scholarship: A $1000 gift for higher education to one senior at each campus.  Our first recipients, for the Class of 2024 are Ms. Ariana Hardy of Skyline Prep and Mr. Jasiah Rogers of AZ Compass Prep.

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