As a tuition-free K-6 elementary school, Vector Prep & Arts focuses on Academics, Arts, and Athletics to deliver a well-rounded education to students. We provide a safe and caring environment where your child(ren) will receive the individual attention for them to thrive in their education.

With our highly individualized instruction, small classes, and focus on creating a family-like, community-centered environment, students will have every opportunity to grow and succeed to their highest potential.

Vector Prep & Arts (K-6) Mission And Vision


Vector Prep & Art’s mission is to provide students, to include at-risk students who will benefit from individualized instruction, and families we serve with high quality college preparatory educational programs and services designed to stimulate life-long learning while developing character through academics, athletics and the arts.


Vector Prep & Arts is committed to developing responsible and respectful students through academics, arts, and athletics in order for them to be prepared for life and for their future endeavors.


As a tuition-free 7-12 middle and high school, AZ Compass Prep focuses on Academics, Arts, and Athletics. We develop our students character traits to become leaders in their communities.

Our highly individualized instruction, small classes, character development and focus on creating a family-like, community-centered environment, prepare students to succeed in college or the career of their choice.

AZ Compass Prep & Arts (7-12) Mission And Vision


AZ Compass School is a unique concept school focused on academics, arts, and athletics designed to provide excellence and responsive education services to at-risk students and families who are seeking a successful pre-professional career preparation experience without sacrificing post-secondary education opportunities.


To encourage academics, arts and athletics to all students.

Lead As A Teacher

Highly effective teachers and administrative leadership are the foundation by which students receive a strong education. Leadership at all levels is paramount to the success of our program and it begins with each individual educator. We focus on empowerment, training and a strong team environment to ensure success.

We strive to provide resources, coaching and professional development to ensure educators can successfully support students and most importantly lead by example.

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Vector Prep & AZ Compass are founded on the premise that all students can be successful. Student mastery is achieved through scientifically-based and content rich curriculum that imparts core knowledge and essential learning skills. In order to achieve academic excellence, our program has a specific focus on character development through academics, athletics, and the arts. Combining the constant focus of character development and academic excellence leads our students to be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead of them in education and life.

“Making decisions is not difficult when you know your core values”



In 2008 AZ Compass Prep School (7-12) 501(c)3 non-profit school was founded as part of the Skyline Education network. The following year in 2009 Vector Prep & Arts (K-6) was also founded as part of the Skyline network to act as a feeder school to AZ Compass Prep School. Both schools were founded to support the families of Chandler, Arizona and together create one campus to serve students between K-12.

AZ Compass was founded to ensure all students regardless of academic level have an individualized opportunity to succeed. Although AZ Compass continues to be a boutique family centered school environment, students served have increased dramatically since its inception.

We believe families continue to choose AZ Compass due to our relentless pursuit to ensure each child flourishes through understanding their passions and academic needs.

AZ Compass delivers a comprehensive education to all students ultimately helping them find their passions in life. Along with its robust high school education, we offer dual enrollment courses, additional academic supports, career readiness courses, college entry support, a variety of sports, performing arts, visual arts, music and more.

Today, AZ Compass students are achieving success through college and trade school acceptance, college scholarships, military service, civic services, job placement and overall positive impact in the community.

Skyline Education, Inc continues supports AZ Compass Prep School in its mission to educate students in Chandler, Arizona as part of the Skyline network.