Be an active part of Dragon life where people are helpful, friendly and have all of the resources to be the best in all aspects of your life. You are writing the book of “you,” creating lasting memories, challenging yourself, meeting new people, continuously learning and most importantly creating your path towards a bright future.


As a student of learning, you must set high expectations for yourself. We challenge students to identify their own set of goals to achieve success. Each student is different but maintaining an academic commitment to excellence is a constant.

Throughout our decades of combined experience, our staff understands the importance of balancing clear and action-oriented instruction with self-ownership among students. Even the most gifted Chandler, AZ, teachers and perfect curricula are not magic wands for disengaged or discouraged students. Through our use of blended learning models, Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS), and staff leading by example, this creates the right environment for students and propels them toward success.


We support our students in this approach by providing a rigorous academic program with a positive culture of achievement. Each student is encouraged to lead themselves through the U.L.E.A.D. approach, establishing an academic commitment to excellence while in school, and focusing on post-secondary education to make valuable contributions to society.

AZ Compass Prep School understands there is a multitude of ways to start a career, launch a business, or find continued academic pursuits after high school. Rather than pigeonholing students into the same coursework or expecting individuals to have the same strengths, we work with students to help them uncover their interests and curiosities. Whether their desires point towards college, vocational school, overseas intensives, or entrepreneurship, we help them set the foundation for continued success.


To be successful in achieving your goals, you must do the work yourself and take responsibility for the results! Self-ownership can be intimidating and challenging for students at first, as many institutions that support them when they are younger perform a lot of the work for them. We have found that by demonstrating responsibility and making individual student excellence the benchmark, this not only fosters engagement but drives students toward more meaningful results. There is nothing like setting your own goal, mapping out the requirements, and reaching the finish line. AZ Compass Prep wants our learners to understand this process to give them a lifelong advantage and so they see the joy in learning and personal improvement as well.

We encourage our students to speak with their Academic Advisor frequently to help them engage in their present and plan their future.

“Making decisions is not difficult when you know your core values”


It is as important for parents to participate in their students’ educational experience. Understanding that our students’ minds are young and can be molded and shaped into a successful, valuable contributor to the world. It is a journey that extends beyond school into the home and must be supported by family. As a parent you must set the example to your student, so they understand you not only care, but you are committed to their achievement by participating in their educational experience.

We understand life is busy and time is valuable but a commitment to your child’s education is priceless. Contact the registrar or principal and find ways to participate.

Below are areas that you may be able to help through participation as well as general information for parents.


All parents encouraged to attend upcoming PAT (Parent Action Team) meetings and participate in the development and education of their children. We cannot do it alone and need parent participation to ensure students reaching maximum potential. Please contact the principal or academic dean immediately and attend the next meeting.

Each school has academic assistance programs designed to help students who are struggling academically and/or socially to achieve success in school by building self-esteem, encouraging cooperation and team concepts, improving study habits, connecting with adult mentors, and providing academic assistance.

AZ Compass campus offers after school programs, and offers high-quality, low-cost after school childcare for students up to the age of 12. After school programs, early release care, emergency childcare, and holiday and vacation camps are offered as well. AZ Compass after care is Monday – Thursday, 3:00-5:00PM and Friday, 12:00-5:00PM. Please contact registrar for more information.

If you would like information about activities, clubs, classes and events sponsored by the community, please visit the registrar in the school’s front office. We value the classroom as an instructional setting that is free of advertising; therefore, fliers and information about non-school sponsored activities are not distributed through our classroom.

The Nutritional Services Department manages the National School Lunch Program, provides refreshments for district functions and coordinates nutrition education. Nutritional Services is a major part of your child’s school environment. All menus meet the Federal Child Nutrition Program guidelines. Meals are served every school day at no cost to your student. We also provide nutritious snacks at several after school programs.

Each school holds a Meet Your Teacher and/or a Curriculum Night at the beginning of the school year. We encourage all parents/guardians to attend. Teachers will give a brief presentation regarding the curriculum, academic expectations, and behavioral guidelines.

Native American Programs provide educational and cultural enrichment for American Indian/Alaskan Natives (AI/AN) students, while promoting an active Native American community within our school.
The program aims to provide culturally-relevant academic assistance to students, and to increase parent/community participation in program and school activities. Persons eligible: Federally-recognized members of a tribe, band or other organized group of Indians, including those terminated since 1940; children or grandchildren of any such member of receding group; Inuit, Aleut, or other Alaskan Native considered by the Secretary of the Department of Interior to be an Indian.

The site administrator manages the Community Use of District Facilities, including outside fields, gyms, etc. Although Skyline Education schools are free public charter schools they are on private property and do not have the same leasing protocol as public schools. Please contact our main office at 877-225-2118 for information and regulations that pertain to the use of District facilities.