Ronda S. Owens Honors Breakfast

Skyline Education held their very first Honors Breakfast on Friday, March 1st, 2019 to recognize the outstanding students in the Honors Program. The breakfast honoring students and their parents took place at Skyline Prep High School. All three campuses students were recognized for their achievements.

The Honor Students for 2019 are as followed:

AZ Compass Prep School:                   Skyline Gila River:

Kane Bedford                                          Crystal Lomayestewa

Alyssa Buckley                                        Sequoia Lucero

Mercedes Calvillo                                   Angelica Ulate

Santina Huitron                                      Skyline Prep High School:

Xavian Jackson                                       Rawan Abdalgawad

Cheyenne Kinlicheenie                         Ahmed Abdelgawad

Lakotah Kinlicheenie                            Angelina Bayard

Darcy Limric                                           Devin Clardy

Jalen McMahon                                      Danisha Jones

Connor Nesselrote                                 Garrett Kaufman  

Angelica Pearson                                   Patience Longraf

Devereaux Roberts                                Julice Lopez

Kamron Shelton                                    Caleb Roberts

Alexander Smith                                   Gustavo Rodriguez

Shane Van Huizen                                 Christopher Westerman

Randy Vasquez

Jada Whitted

Each student was given a pin for their honor achievements given by Ronda Owens herself; to wear for graduation set for May 2019. Congratulations to all these students for going above and beyond!

Ronda S. Owens speaking to the students and their parents.

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