Parents have the right to view teachers’ resumes. Teacher resumes are located at the front office of the school campus.
We welcome communication from parents and encourage them to email our teachers for questions, concerns, or comments about your child’s success at our school.
Often, it’s difficult for teachers to accept phone calls during the day to speak to parents, so please use email communication, if possible.

AVERAGE TEACHER SALARY (A.R.S §15-189.05), as added by Laws 2020, Ch.285 §3.

1. Average salary of all teachers employed in budget year 2021 – $48,697.
2. Average salary of all teachers employed in prior year 2020 – $46,647.
3. Increase in average teacher salary from the prior year 2020 – $2,050.
4. Percentage Increase – 4.4%

Name Title Email
Swen Anderson, MRED President sanderson@skylineschools.com
Rachael Lay, M. Ed K-12th Principal rlay@skylineschools.com
Brett Jenkins Academic Dean / Baseball Coach bjenkins@skylineschools.com
Greg Garland Vice Principal / Varsity Football Coach ggarland@skylineschools.com
Debra Coleman, M. Ed Vice Principal dcoleman@skylineschools.com
Jamillah Hampton Academic Coach jhampton@skylineschools.com
Ed Gipson Behavior Interventionist / Varsity Basketball Coach egibson@skylineschools.com
Daisy Martinez 7th-12th Registrar / Soccer Coach dmartinez@skylineschools.com
Faten Abraham Attendance Clerk/Secretary fabraham@skylineschools.com
Stephen Barme 7th-8th ELA / Assistant Football Coach sbarme@skylineschools.com
Anthony Wright 7th-8th Math / Coach awright@skylineschools.com
Scott Haddix 7th-8th Science shaddix@skylineschools.com
Christopher Stuart 9th-12th English / Social Studies cstuart@skylineschools.com
Keith Whittemore 9th-12th English /Social Studies kWhittemore@skylineschools.com
Matthew Gallagher 9th-12th History mgallagher@skylineschools.com
Whitley King 9th-12th Science wking@skylineschools.com
Kenneth Samuel 9th-12th Mathematics ksamuel@skylineschools.com
Erica Green 9th-12th Mathematics egreen@skylineschools.com
Denise Foulkrod 7th-12th Academic Interventionist dFoulkrod@skylineschools.com
Jamillah Hampton Campus Academic Coach jHampton@skylineschools.com
Dariela Perez High School Spanish dperez@skylineschools.com
Teri Piasecki Physical Education tpiasecki@skylineschools.com
Pete Kaffey Assistant Athletic Director / Basketball Coach pkaffey@skylineschools.com
Tyler Olsen CTE Lab Tolsen@skylineschools.com
Maurice Riddick Lab Advisor mriddick@skylineschools.com
Art and Design Teacher @skylineschools.com
Melissa Tapia Cheer and Dance mtapia@skylineschools.com
Dawn Wiggall Music Teacher dwiggall@skylineschools.com
Eileen Wilkins Special Education ewilkins@skylineschools.com
Zerrion Payton Special Education Aide zpayton@skylineschools.com
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