Sydney Fenn

Grade 11

Sydney Fenn is moving into her 2nd season with the Dragon Family as a member of the 2024 class. Sydney is a high-academic student that continues to show her strengths in the classroom as well as on the floor. Along with her 4.0 GPA, Sydney is a 6’3 SF that spaces the floor with her ability to knock-down shots from the perimeter as well as make plays with her back to the basket in the paint. Sydney is a great defender as well, bringing length and shot-blocking capabilities that are crucial to the overall success of the Dragons this season. Sydney has played in elite matchups throughout her career with AZ Compass, as she is 1 of 2 returning starters that will bring essential leadership to the team. Sydney is originally from Buffalo, NY transferring in from a season where she was a part of a conference championship at Orchard Park High School. You will see successes from Sydney both in the classroom and on the floor throughout the 2022-2023 season.

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