Tru Washington

Grade 12

Height: 6’3 in.
Weight: 180 lbs
Wingspan: 6’6 in.
Position: SG



Tru Washington, a hometown native to the city of Phoenix, AZ, was one of the best off-season additions for the Dragons leading into this year. As our program became part of the NIBC, the coaching staff knew Tru Washington’s ability to create plays, make shots, and defend was a crucial part of our upcoming season. Tru currently sits in the ESPN 100 at #86 with plenty of room to grow in a positive direction within those rankings playing against the top competition in the country. With offers continuing to come in for Tru, he remains a high-academic student in the classroom and brings the same mindset to practice on a daily basis. At 6’3, look for Tru to play in a Combo Guard slot for the Dragons, mixing in some PG minutes. Tru came off a great career at Mountain Pointe HS, under Head Coach Kaimarr Price the past 3 years. Former Dragon, TyTy Washington, a current member of the Houston Rockets is a family member of Tru’s as well, making his addition that much more special this season. Tru brings grit, toughness, and a home spirit to our group that will be essential to our success throughout the year.

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