Zayden High

Grade 12

Height: 6’9 in.
Weight: 220 lbs
Wingspan: 7’0 in.
Position: SF | W



Zayden High’s stock is rising and continues to elevate as he becomes one of the most elite PF’s in the country. Joining the Dragons at 6’10 and a near 7’0 wingspan, Zayden brings rim protection, dynamic offensive capabilities, and leadership to the 2023 AZ Compass Family. Zayden currently holds offers from the University of North Carolina, Texas, Michigan and more with his ranking currently sitting #61 overall per ESPN. Becoming a part of the NIBC this year, AZ Compass understood the assignment to bring-in one of the best big men in the country, and Zayden was ultimately that addition for the Dragons. Zayden’s roots are in Texas, in the city of Spring Branch where he had a great high school career and played on the EYBL circuit for JL3 Elite. Along with his basketball skillset, Zayden is a high-character leader in the classroom, setting the tone as a student-athlete for all members of our program to follow. Look forward to Zayden covering ground and making plays on both ends of the floor this year for the Dragons!

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